This is a collected place where I write and talk about whatever I want.

Mostly I will write about/show stuff that I come across whilst making my games and tinkering around with code in general. And I probably will explain some stuff like: approaches, algorithms and things of that nature in depth so anyone with similar projects or interests could find use of that information.

Oh right… What about me?

Well for starters. I am a programmer but I am also an artist at heart so you will never see any crappy “programmers art” coming from me.
I have been into game development/programming for the better part of 7 years now; I have been drawing/working with colors nearly my whole life. And “nearly my whole life” means more exactly that I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. It’s not that I’ve been at it every day really trying to make myself better at it. I estimated that some day in April 2010 was when I started taking art seriously. So I’m still a noob, but had somewhat of a smoother start thanks to not being completely new to it.
And OK… You will see crappy programmers art for things that don’t need to be a lot prettier, as evident of most models shown in the posts. The focus is the tech, not the model showing it.

As for programming, I am currently working strictly in C++, writing my own 3d game engine using OpenGL as the graphics API.
I also program games and/or game engines with prebuilt rendering/game libraries such as Irrlicht, Ogre3d or HGE, but that’s less likely to happen nowadays. My own engine is able to fill most needs. But there are times when writing your own renderer or engine isn’t quite worth the effort (or otherwise are more trouble than necessary) so that’s when other engines prove useful.

Right now, the knowledge of 3d math and programming is the priority as it’s been the only thing I’ve really been programming on for the past years or so.

I’m also striving to become a better artist, so my efforts in programming are made somewhat smaller since I don’t have time to spend equal time on both. And I really want to be a good artist.

Hope you all find some entertainment value in my ramblings.

Updated: 25, 01, 2011: Revised to clarify some points a little.


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