Back in action (sort of)

So yeah.

I’ve some urge to code again after a pretty short break I guess (considering how arbitrarily long a break can be).
Something occurred to me a few days ago and I realized that this is actually a kind of smart thing to do.
I broke my mesh loading/processing/utilities into its own library. It’s way easier to manage, change or extend now that its no longer tied to a larger code base.
I, of course, realize that I could’ve done this months or even years ago but it never struck me as “enough” of code to make into its own library, but it is.
I’ll be free to re-implement the animation support a bit easier now since I don’t have to lug around the rest of the engine in order to change it.

This is really a minor thing, but it’s also the only thing I’ve done the past few days as far as programming goes.

It also makes it easier to maintain other tools that are closely connected to the mesh processing such as conversion utilities, viewers and exporters.


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