Engine Demo

Let’s start by making it clear that this demo isn’t finished.
It’s not finished because I’ve quite the engine re-design ahead of me and this project is sort of caught in the line of fire.
BUT. Instead of just coming on here and saying that it’s not finished for the millionth time I thought I’d at least show off a little from it.
It’s not a whole lot, and the videos are mostly still-shot.

But maybe someone could find something interesting in them. *shrug*

The following videos are shot from two different locations in the demo, both of which are not finished yet so they are very flat and boring.

This last video is a bit special, and a little bit of a failure:

It’s a bit of a failure because the framerate was so low during that video that the verlet cloth started acting weird and fell against its safety constraints which made it slouch somewhat.
And the purpose of this video was to show off the shadowing and how it interacts with the few banners that are suspended in this demo level.

Now, I’m going to elaborate a little on why it is that this demo isn’t finished yet:
That’s the biggest concern right now, and it’s intended that this demo has a couple of things that are animated. The “kobold” character I’ve shown (in the last post) is one of these “things”.
And when I noticed that it will take a little while to finish the animation support since the introduction of the binary model format unfortunately killed the animation some, I thought that OK- I’ll just post this anyway.
I’ll say again: It’s nowhere finished, so see it as a Work In Progress as I will eventually get back to this demo and spruce it up to match my new engine design.
I’ll still keep it in the shadows as to what this demo aims to do and what kind of a game it will be so at least that will still be a surprise when it’s go time for real. 🙂

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