I never made a post that contained screenshots of this in action, so I threw up some very quick so you can kinda see what it’s going to look like.

Note: I’m going to use some props I have lying around that I will later use in a more serious way (the oft mentioned “engine demo” I’m working on…)

So here you can see the effect of the backscatter on the thin parts of the creature, like his ears and his fingers.

What this effect now does is to apply a direct term of backscatter onto the rendered model, then apply the SSS approximation (I posted about just a few posts back) onto that, so you essentially get two effects in one.
It takes a lot of tweaking and consideration before it looks good…

Here’s another example of a tree:

Again, the light source (the sun in this case) is actually visible through the leaves if the camera were to pass by under the tree, looking up, which is a very nice effect.
You can even see it in this picture. The right side of the leaves is a lot brighter than the opposite side. This is because the light is coming down in that direction.

So that’s about it. This effect isn’t perfectly implemented yet, and some values are still in hard code and don’t allow user tweaking.


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