So. I started this implementation last night and I feel like I’m getting somewhere finally.
I have the frustum slices set up, I have the bounding spheres set up and I get some primitive shadows drawing per shadow cascade.

However. As good as that sounds there are a few major problem.
Primarily the problems stem from incorrect projection matrices.
I can get the shadows to draw correctly using a standard perspective projection, of course this is not something you’d want to do because of perspective warp. Shadows will move around according to the camera and it looks plain wrong.
I did this for testing purposes of course, I’ll just mention that it indeed does “work”.
Now, we want an orthographic projection for the shadow mapping so that the different cascades get along.
This is where the bad stuff happens. I, of course, have code for generating orthographic projections for matrices, but it seems like that code (written ages ago) has some problems getting along with the rendering of the shadow maps.
I will have to fix that before I get to make something cooler.

The good news is that my setup for the frustum slices and bounding spheres seem to be working correctly. 🙂
Back to work.

Edit: Initial work is done! I got the projections working and everything. I’ll make a real post about this soon! 🙂

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