Even more stuff has broken down!

Now, suddenly, the animation code that I’ve been using since forever (which is totally not part of the problem) has decided to stop working and outputs nothing but jumbled meshes and mysterious numbers.

This is a pretty big hit for me, since the engine demo was supposed to have one or two animated meshes in it. I’m not at all sure if I can make some alternate version that doesn’t use animations at all. This is not a great place to get stuck, I really want to get this demo out as fast as possible!

Usually for fixing broken animations I’ve resorted to controlling the matrices and usually the problem has been fixed just by transposing a matrix (no really, this has happened like twice.) but now, the results I’m getting are far, far worse.
I can’t even make out any parts of the mesh that’s animated correctly, it’s all a huge blob.

Anyhow. I’m left with two scenarios: I make an alternate version that requires no bone animation, or I spend some time rewriting the animation system just to make sure it’s not some corrupted data somewhere that’s messing stuff up.

Edit: OK, Now that I’ve thought a little about it. I think it may have something to do with a mismatch in vertices and vertex weights. This is basically the same problem as I had with vertex tangents a while ago, the number of components generated (be it tangents, vertex weights or bone indices) isn’t equal to the number of vertices which means it has a data shortage.
I think this may be what’s causing the problems I’m seeing but I can’t be entirely sure because it sort of seems like some of the matrices I’m printing out show unpredictable results which may be a problem also.

Edit #2: My god, this rewrite is going to take forever… And then another eternity after that one.
I’m making a conscious decision not to deal with this right now. I’m going back to program the CSM and the deferred shadowmaps. Cool? Cool.

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