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I’ve been spending some time rethinking and re-implementing a part of my material system to basically be more versatile than what it was.
Since my renderer still utilizes sort of a hybrid rendering using a deferred approach to handle the largest bulk of the lighting and standard forward rendering for the rest, what I can and can’t do is pretty apparent.
But. With my latest additions the renderer is way more full featured and can be used to make a plethora of effects.
I still don’t handle transparency that well. Sorting transparent geometry is always difficult to get good. So I probably won’t bother trying to make more of it than I have to. Basic back to front sorting will have to do.

Here’s a boring ol’ wall tile with a texture applied.
Now how this is being rendered is of course mostly up to the material attached to that object.
We can change the material to do something else:

Here I turned the material into a mirror-shine super glossy material.

I also added a “custom” routine for effects and stuff that fall out of the reach of my generalized pipeline so we can render those with custom shaders and blending operations and stuff.
Main problem with that is of course that they can usually not take part of the scene’s lighting.
To remedy that, there’s a “super crisis-system”(this is not its actual name) that allows arbitrary shaders to access the scene’s lighting manually so we can at least get some of the lighting on it. Right now I’m planning on allowing access to 4 of the biggest nearby lights. I’m filtering out small and faint lights as these don’t affect the geometry as much (Duh).

I finished putting in support for the last channel of the dedicated “mask” texture that is available through the material’s texture slots.
The “mask” texture is a special texture that stores 3 textures in one. One texture per channel.
It stores Specular Gloss, Fresnel and Reflection.
I find it a tiny bit unintuitive to cram textures into channels of other textures, but artists don’t generally seem to mind; there are plenty other engines that do something similar.

Aaah. What else?

Haha. 😀 Just for fun I tried putting in a monster from Doom 3 to see how the texture maps translated into my engine’s material system.

Hmm. I guess that’s about it for right now. I should really document what I actually do better. I feel like I forget more than half the things.

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