Quick Update

Things are pretty much going as planned, still… Except for a few unexpected things I will have to deal with right now:

* GL_ALPHA_TEST suddenly stopped working on me, saying that pretty much anything I do with the damn thing is an “invalid enum”. That’s pretty interesting. And the solution I have in place makes for all sorts of ugly artifacts.
* There’s a ridiculous bug that makes my forward rendered spotlights produce a form of “light-bleeding” which really drives me crazy. I can’t seem to lock down where the problem is exactly which makes it so much more infuriating.
* My first pass at implementing a post-processing pipeline on top of the renderer was a fiasco. I’ll have to do it all over again.

There are a bunch more things, but those three are the worst I have to deal with.
I have to add that the “light-bleeding” issue is the worst of them all! By god it has all but driven me to send a fist through my computer screen, of course knowing that only makes matters worse so I have to restrain myself thoroughly.


Edit: On closer examination that annoying “light-bleeding” bug must be connected to either the attenuation of the light or the normal rotation within the shader. I am pretty certain both could produce a bug like this, but I’m leaning towards it being the normals rather than the attenuation. I’m just keeping an open eye on both of these.

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