Engine is coming along just fine, there are no major roadblocks as far as I can see. Nothing much to say, really. It just goes on. No end in sight either, and I don’t think there will ever be a real end in sight. Does that happen when the first game that uses the engine is released? Is that the end? I don’t know.
Either way, it’s all fine. 🙂

Now on to another thing that I touched upon like two posts back, that project that I was working on.
Well I might as well say what it is, since I’m likely going to be posting progress stuff on here.
Since I apparently can’t get enough of it, having it be my primary programming endeavor, I am actually writing another engine.
But this time it’s downgraded one dimension which effectively puts it in 2 dimensions.
It’s a 2d engine! 😀

(That subtitle is not actually accurate, but there will be coding… And engines… Err… Engine. Note also that the name “Junebug” is just a codename for this project.)
I call it Junebug, originally named as a reminder for me to keep it small, to keep it reeeaaally tiny. Like a Junebug.

Now this project isn’t without its own share of ifs and buts, most of which have to do with the end result.
The original goal is to actually release this library as open source where I just flat out give out all the code to the library, how it works and someone, somewhere might have a laugh with how poorly it is written.
I’m also aiming at making it cross-platform (to some extent). Simply because it’s something I love and I want to work on that, or start working on that stuff since it’s for me, as a developer, a thing I haven’t done before. The downside is that I’ll only be able to work on Linux and Windows. I’d be happy to work on other platforms but from a practical standpoint that is not possible right now.
But. All of the above can only happen if I’m satisfied with the end result and if I think that it might actually benefit from an.. uh… “open-source… ification.”. And by those parameters alone it’s already very arbitrary.
Nevertheless, we’ll see how it turns out. 🙂

This is going to be my new go-to toy whenever I’m feeling worn down by other stuff, so I can’t guarantee that I’ll work on it that much. But right now I’m eager to get the foundation up and running at least.

I might have to make another post sometime soon that goes through the project a little more in depth, but until that time this is just an idea, basically. Yes, the project is established enough to have a codename and a cute little logo, But I still regard it as an “idea”. Making it sound too official is scary to me.
Also, in cold reality it’s just a small project that I can work on, it doesn’t have to amount to anything at all really. It’s just like my 3d engine, but smaller, and… Different.

More details on this at a later time. 🙂

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