Mesh Opt. Update


Just dropping off a quick update here for my mesh routines and what not.

So right now, it is working as intended with VBO support just put in this minute. I’m super happy that this is working right now after SO many hours of planning and thinking.
I still have this gut-feeling that something is waiting around the corner ready to smack me in the face with a hard case of failure and I’m slowly and easily trying to find out parts that might start acting up strange in the near future.

And even though this is working it is only working with the standard information like vertex-coordinates(obviously), uv-coordinates and normals. I still need tangents for normalmapping and just thinking about it, it shouldn’t be that tough to implement, but still. It could take some doing.

So anyway right now the only processing I have for my meshes is this one routine that duplicates vertices as it sees necessary to accommodate to the VBO’s restriction of just using one UV-coordinate and normal per vertex so the meshes are able to draw correctly using VBOs.
This was not a trivial task, and the code I’ve written to produce this result is very, very, very ugly. So I’m fixing on making it an offline process as soon as possible.
I’m actually thinking of making it an automated process linked to the exporter script from Blender so I get optimized meshes straight out of the modeling tool instead of having it be an intermediary step. We’ll see.

So WOO! Back to work!

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