Hello again. About time I updated this thing. 🙂

Yes, well. This past time hasn’t been too exciting development-wise. Mainly because I’ve been spending a great deal of time reading up on theory, rather than indulge in the practical side of things. And I’ve been going through all sorts of things, and my main goal right now is to visualize them inside my engine.

As far as my engine goes, I’ve got plans mostly at this point. The code base I had I decided to scrap entirely. I saw that it wasn’t going anywhere nice so I’m going to rewrite it with some new designs in mind.

There are two major things (that are worth mentioning) I’m changing with the structure of the engine. The first is my switch from CG shader language to GL shader language (GLSL). I’ll explain in short why I made this choice.

Back when I started looking at shaders seriously I was still in a state where I couldn’t decide whether I’d use OpenGL or DirectX. Today however, I am sure that I’m OpenGL exclusive.

Therefore the thought of CG seemed a bit redundant, as part of it’s design enables cross graphics API (OpenGL, DirectX). I used to think that “Oh, I can write the shaders once and use them cross graphics context whenever!” and I thought it was neat as all hell. But this is, again, redundant as I have no problems converting between HLSL (DirectX’s shading language) and GLSL should the need ever arise.
I like CG in many ways but I don’t see a need for it right now right here. This may change though, who knows.

The second change worth mentioning is the change of collision and dynamics to Bullet instead of Newton and PhysX (which I used interchangeably. I had two wrappers.)
The reason is pretty much that I’ve been looking at it for quite some time (about as long as Blender has had it as the physics layer! Omigosh!) but never got into it or gave it a fair chance. That’s about to change! 😀

There it is! My first sphere simulated by Bullet! Wow! Amazing isn’t it?
And you’ll just have to sit there and look at it, wondering whether it really is simulated or if I just staged it to look incredibly boring, Mu-ha-ha-haa!
OK, I’ll stop. It’s actually simulated and rendered using the earliest graphics shape class in my engine. About as pretty as that gets.

So I’ll just get back to making my plans get closer to their goal. You’ll be able to see on this here blog what those plans are a bit later.

Bye! 😀

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